Decentralising Business Processing Services
A Catalyst to unlocking value inherent in the sector
drive sustainable economic growth in South Africa
Let’s create employment opportunities and empower local communities.

The Ability Project is an enablement program focused on unlocking the value inherent in Business Process Outsourcing in South Africa by establishing call centres in rural areas.

The name of the project, “Ability”, communicates the essence of our program, which is to drive and enable entry to jobs and business opportunities within the Business Processing Sector.

Asset 24
Asset 25
To build turnkey call centres in township and rural areas
Across the country’s metropolitan, district, and local municipalities.

We will create a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable environment that fosters opportunities for growth and sustenance for all citizens of South Africa.

Target Size of Operation

Currently, South Africa has 257 metropolitan, district and local municipalities.

metropolitan municipalities
district municipalities
local municipalities

*Assuming full coverage, this translates to establishment of 257 Ability mini call centres across the country.

Local is the In Thing

“Establishing decentralised, but technology mediated call centres across the country’s small towns and regions will improve ability to segment markets and speak directly to local audiences, and can enhance the effectiveness of messaging and targeting while addressing issue of inclusive growth.“

The Stakeholders Behind the Vision

The Ability project is the brain-child of iTalk Holdings and Container Structures Pty Ltd, a business outfit based in City Deep that specializes in supply, design, conversion and repurposing of shipping containers into a wide range of Alternative Infrastructure Solutions.

Socio-Economic Impact

Contact us to learn more about how we can create employment opportunities and empower local communities.