About company
We believe in giving power to the people

Our aim is to provide adequate training to you – our sales associates – to empower you to live the life you want, whilst earning enough money to help you enjoy it.

Our team is constantly working on the tools we can share with you to ensure that success is at your fingertips.

To employ, educate and uplift the people of South Africa by providing a work-from-home sales solution and creating 10 000+ sustainable jobs in our high unemployment market

Our company’s foundation is centered around our values.

We aim to be the example and market leader in South Africa by providing an employment solution, empowering the people of South Africa and creating opportunities through a work-from-home model.

We treat all people with courtesy and dignity – this is our NUMBER 1 priority.

We believe that by RESPECTING each other is the only way.

We will continue to update our systems, training and processes. We do not settle for anything.

We will do what we say we are going to do and take responsibility for our actions.

We will ensure that our sales agents are well trained and reliable to only offer the best customer service.