Socio-Economic Impact
The Ability Project is expected to have a significant socio-economic impact.
Creation of Sustainable Jobs

By bringing jobs to areas where people live, the Ability Project creates sustainable employment opportunities, reducing the need for individuals to migrate to urban centres in search of work.

The name of the project, “Ability”, communicates the essence of our program, which is to drive and enable entry to jobs and business opportunities within the Business Processing Sector.

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Diversification of Skills

By providing training and employment opportunities for youth, women, and people living with disabilities.

This promotes inclusivity and empowerment within these communities.

Development of Economic Infrastructure

The establishment of call centres in townships and rural areas contributes to the development of economic infrastructure, stimulating local economies and fostering growth in these regions.

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Improved Social and Economic Vitality

The Ability Project enhances the social and economic vitality of towns and communities by providing communication channels, problem-solving capabilities, and revenue collection support to municipalities.

This improves the overall quality of life for residents.

Addressing Social Challenges

The project demonstrates responsiveness to social challenges, such as GBV, by incorporating initiatives like the anti-GBV hotline into the service offering.

This shows a commitment to addressing societal issues and supporting the well-being of communities.

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